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Saturday, April 01, 2006 

NBC's Deal Or No Deal

There wasn't much on TV last night so I watched Deal Or No Deal on NBC. After watching it a few times over last few weeks, I think the the show is all about greed, fear and basic human attachment with money. You may say that there isn't any skill required on contestant's part but I would say making right decision under the conditions require some judgment skills. I was trying to understand how banker makes the offer, usually it is be a little less than mean of all the unopened cases. To make the contestant play longer the banker offers are significantly lower than mean at the start of a game but gap reduces as contestant opens more cases. Here is an article on wikipedia, where someone optimal strategy for maximum return. I would say strategy is fine but what is really driving the contestants is human psychological factors such as greed, fear, embarrassment and also the pressure from the audience or friends and that show is really all about that.

Statistically there is a possibility that someone would win highest prize (a cool million dollars) but considering human factor I see that happening only in one case if the last two remaining cases are for three quarter million and million dollars. I'm sure we'll hear about it once this happens :)