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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Selfless-Selfish Frugality Tip: Save Gas

Canadian Canadian Capitalist is hosting Festival of Frugality #18, which lists a number of posts from various bloggers on how to make your dollar go further. I didn't see anyone talk about rising gas prices. Gas prices are climbing almost every week and in many parts of the country ( like here in bay area) we are already paying close to $3.00 for a gallon of unleaded. If that isn't enough there are predictions that it is going to go higher during summer driving season. Considering these high gas prices there is no doubt saving gas == saving $$$. But as I see saving gas has number of other "perks" (feel free to add to this list) that go beyond your wallet, such as:
  • It is good for the environment, I think the most straightforward benefit would be by burning less gas we reduce the production of greenhouse gases, which reduces global warming. But there are other indirect benefits too, like if we reduce gas consumption it'll reduce gas production which actually requires energy to produce. Also it'll reduce oil drilling which again uses energy, and not only that by less new drillings it leaves more space to live, for people and animals, which reduces deforestation.
  • It is patriotic, U.S. relies on imported oil, we imported 9.713 million barrels per day in January of this year. A large part of our trade deficit is due to oil import, by saving gas we'll reduce oil import which will make us less reliant on other countries
  • It may reduce geopolitical tensions.. which may save more gas ( did you see those big gas guzzling humvees patrolling streets of Baghdad).
  • Did I say it saves you money.... my little ( comparatively speaking) Toyota Corolla would cost me over $1,100.00 ( ouch!!), if I drive 12,000 miles this year and fill up at current average prices in San Francisco bay area, $2.85. My plan is to reduce my gas purchase by at least 10% this year.
Here are some tips for saving gas that work.. and don't worry during summer you can roll the windows up and turn the A/C on, it's not that bad.