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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Thank You Citi!!

Few days back I received my cashback check for my Citibank Dividend Platinum Select Card from Citibank. The check for $171.31 took a week and half to get to me, after I requested it online. In last two and half years I have received over $400.00 back from them. I wouldn't say its really free money but I think comes pretty close to it. This is my main card for my everyday expenses except the purchases at Costco where I end up using American Express Blue Cash.

I have been using Citibank credit cards for almost 8 years now, I started with a regular Citicard (they called it silver card), then got upgraded to "Platinum" and later went through various rewards cards. One thing I really liked during all the upgrades and changes they never changed my account number. I have had other credit cards too and I would say their customer service is just far better. Recently following Jonathon's experience I decided to get some cash using 0% APR balance transfer. Since one of the card he mentions is from Citibank so I decided to go for it. I got an instant approval with credit limit of $10,500.00, and once I requested a check for balance transfer it took less than a week and I had money in my checking account.

Thank you Citi, for such wonderful service and "free money".